ServicesWe offer the following services:

  • Orthodontic consultations
  • Growth guidance (for younger patients who are not yet ready to start comprehensive orthodontic treatment)
  • Orthodontic treatment
    • Interceptive treatment plans
    • Removable appliances (plates)
    • Orthopaedic/Functional appliances
    • Expanders (RME)
    • Partial fixed appliance therapy
    • Comprehensive treatment plans
      • Standard braces
      • Self-ligating braces
      • Ceramic (tooth coloured) braces
      • Lingual braces (inside the teeth and not visible)
      • Clear Aligner Appliance Therapy (Invisalign -clear/see-through)
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  • Retention
    • Plates
    • Invisible see-through retainers
    • Fixed bonded lingual retainers (wire cemented on the inside of the teeth -not visible)
  • Bite Plates (grinding plates)
  • Professional gum guards
  • Surgical Planning

Having properly aligned teeth and a good bite minimises your risk of future dental disease and joint problems

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