Orthodontic TreatmentPrior To Starting Orthodontic Treatment

After the discussion appointment a fees letter containing all the necessary information concerning the diagnosis, treatment plan, treatment costs and treatment codes will be supplied to the patient.

The patient may then forward this to his/her medical aid/insurance (in case where the patient belongs to a medical aid) in order to find out what portion (if any -this varies greatly according to the particular medical aid and the orthodontic cover of the medical aid plan) they will cover. Prior to starting treatment a deposit will be required in order to cover the expensive set up costs of the banding appointment (when the brackets are fitted).

Thereafter the patient will pay a monthly fee for the duration of the treatment plan (convenience fee). The convenience fee does not reflect in any way the amount of work carried out by the orthodontist and is merely a convenient way of spreading out the costs of treatment. The patient will be required to pay the practice directly and claim back from his/her medical aid. The practice will supply statements every month that will allow the patient to do so.

After paying the deposit, a short appointment will be arranged where the molar teeth are separated (when fixed orthodontic braces are used), in order to create space for bands that will be cemented to the four molar teeth on the day of banding. The banding appointment will follow 3 to 7 days after the separation appointment and will be a long appointment (morning) when Dr J will dedicate his full attention to precise positioning of each bracket on each tooth. On that day, wires will be fitted and instructions will be given to the patient. Thereafter appointments normally follow every 4-6 weeks (but may sometimes be shorter or longer) for the full duration of treatment.


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