Orthodontic TreatmentPost Treatment Care

Stability is of utmost importance and Dr J will have the patient follow a proper retention programme when removing the orthodontic brackets.

Immediately after the appliance removal the teeth are particularly prone to relapse (a tendency to return to their former positions), and Dr J may require the patient to wear a removable retainer for the first 3 months, where after the patient is weaned off it.

In the lower arch a fixed bonded retainer (wire) may be bonded to the inside of the front teeth and may be left until a period of stability has been reached and growth has stabilized (normally 18 – 21 years of age or a minimum of 2 years if treatment started after 18 year of age).

This protocol varies from patient to patient, and sometimes see-thru aligners (or other retainers) may be used.


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