Orthodontic TreatmentNew patient

Your first visit will be a consultation where Dr J will conduct a clinical examination. This will enable him to make a preliminary diagnosis and decide whether the case warrant specialized records (e.g. photo’s, study models, set of x-ray’s) or not.

Partial specialized records are usually indicated when the patient is too young to start with treatment (or not ready yet), and a full set of records are normally indicated when the patient is ready to start orthodontic treatment. In the latter instance Dr J will schedule a discussion appointment within 2 weeks (after taking the full set of records) where he will explain the diagnosis and treatment plan, and discuss the duration of treatment and treatment costs to the patient.

The full set of records involves a lot of preparation on the part of the orthodontist and allows him to do an in depth investigation into the etiology (cause) of the problem, and guides him in setting up a proper treatment plan. You do not need to be referred by your dentist to see an orthodontist, and you may contact our office directly to schedule an appointment.


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