Orthodontic TreatmentTreatment for adults

Although orthodontic treatment mainly involves children, a large number of adult patients today are part of an orthodontic practice.

It is estimated that over 25% of a practices’ patients are comprised of adult patients. Some reasons for this are the fact that teeth tend to shift with age, where some adults may find their teeth to become more crooked as they get older, or teeth have shifted years after having had orthodontic treatment.

Other adults simply never had the opportunity to have treatment growing up as a child. Some adults require orthodontic treatment only as part of an interdisciplinary treatment plan (e.g. uprighting tilted teeth for restorative purposes).

Treated Cases

  • Case 1
  • Case 2
  • Case 3
  • Skeletal Class III relationship (Jaw malalignment)
  • Crowded incisors with lingually blocked out lower incisor
  • Clenching habit
  • Wear facets
  • Upper incisors are proclined and protrusive
  • Multiband Fixed Appliance Treatment (Clear Braces)
  • Disking
  • Retention Programme
  • Skeletal Class I relationship (normal jaw relationship)
  • Severe bi-maxillary dento-alveolar protrusion
  • Edge-to-edge bite
  • Wear of incisor teeth
  • Large diastema between upper incisor teeth (gap)
  • Excess space
  • Multiband Fixed Appliance Therapy (Ceramic braces)
  • Accommodation of all teeth
  • Retraction of upper and lower incisors
  • Elastic Therapy
  • Retention Programme
  • Pseudo Class III relationship (apparent jaw misalignment due to abnormal posturing)
  • Reverse overjet
  • Full anterior cross-bite
  • Incisors can bite edge-to-edge
  • Space deficiency upper
  • Space excess lower
  • Multiband Fixed Appliance Therapy
  • Elastic Therapy
  • Retention Programme

Orthodontic treatment is a lifelong investment into your oral and dento-facial health

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