Orthodontic TreatmentSurgical Orthodontics

In some non-growing patients with a severe misalignment of the jaws, the only way to correct the bite and improve the facial aesthetics is with combined surgical orthodontic treatment.

Treatment takes place in three phases. The first phase is the pre-surgical orthodontic phase where the orthodontist aligns the teeth within each jaw and independent of the bite. This phase generally takes approximately 18 months to complete (but may vary from patient to patient). The second phase is the surgical phase where the surgeon positions the jaws according to the orthodontically prepared teeth in order for them to fit properly.

The third and final phase is the postsurgical orthodontic phase and takes place after the operation is carried out. Here the orthodontist takes measures to stabilize and settle the occlusion (bite) and makes the final tooth adjustments. This phase generally takes 4-6 months (but may vary). Surgical orthodontics is complex and requires proper planning and good communication between both an experienced orthodontist and surgeon.

Treated Cases

  • Case 1
  • Case 2
  • Case 3
  • Severe Skeletal Class II Relationship (lower jaw retrusive)
  • Large overjet
  • Deep overbite
  • Significant crowding of teeth
  • Cross-bite of molar teeth
  • Combined surgical-orthodontic treatment
  • Multiband Fixed Appliance Therapy
  • Reset of lower jaw (advance) -Mandibular Advancement Osteotomy
  • Elastic Therapy
  • Class II Skeletal Relationship (jaw misalignment)
  • Recessive lower jaw
  • Severe deep bite
  • Dental Class II (teeth don’t fit)
  • Space deficiency upper and lower arches
  • Chipped teeth
  • Severely retroclined upper central incisors
  • Impacted lower wisdom teeth
  • Extraction of impacted lower wisdom teeth
  • Combined Surgical-Orthodontic Treatment
  • Mandibular Advancement BSSO (reset lower jaw by advancing)
  • Multiband Fixed Appliance Therapy
  • Elastic Therapy
  • Retention Programme
  • To have chipped teeth restored 2 months after completion of treatment
  • Skeletal Class I Relationship (normal jaw alignment)
  • Severe increase in lower facial height
  • Anterior open-bite
  • Bi-dental protrusion (proclined upper and lower incisor teeth)
  • Large inter-labial gap
  • Lip strain on closure
  • Wisdom teeth with lack of space
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth
  • Combined Surgical-Orthodontic Treatment
  • Multiband Fixed Appliance Therapy
  • Maxillary posterior impaction (upper jaw superior repositioning)
  • Elastic Therapy
  • Retention Programme

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