Indications for TreatmentHow do I know if I need Orthodontic treatment?

If you have one or more of the following, you should contact us for an Orthodontic assessment:

  • Crowding of teeth: skew or malaligned teeth
  • Spacing of teeth: gaps between teeth: either localized or generalized
  • Protrusion: also called increase in overjet where the teeth “sticks out” causing a “horsey” appearance
  • Deep bite: when the overlap between upper and lower teeth are excessive
  • Open-bite: when the front teeth do not overlap, and you struggle to bite through a slice of pizza for example
  • Midline deviation: when upper and lower dental midlines do not coincide
  • Occlusal problem: when the teeth do not fit properly causing interferences during chewing
  • Skeletal problem: when the jaws are not aligned e.g. “Bugs Bunny” or “Bull-dog” or even “long-face” appearance -incorrect facial appearance
  • Functional problem: when the jaws slide after first contact in an effort to find a more comfortable position
  • Cross-bite: when the fit between upper and lower teeth are reversed
  • Missing teeth: could either be teeth that were extracted/removed or teeth that never developed (congenitally absent)
  • Mal-formed teeth: teeth with an abnormal shape or size e.g. “peg-shaped” lateral incisors
  • Reverse overjet: also called “underbite” where lower teeth bite ahead of upper teeth into full anterior cross-bite
  • Temporo-mandibular joint problem: Also called the jaw-joint. This may be part of a bigger problem, but could also be caused by an incorrect bite
  • Habit: For example, thumb sucking habit that persists until the eruption of the permanent dentition at 6 years of age
  • Restorative preparation: where the teeth needs to be repositioned correctly in order for the dentist to carry out restorative work e.g. restorations, crowns or bridges
  • Sleep apnoea: sleep disorder when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep
  • Bi-Maxillary Dento-Alveolar Protrusion: when both upper and lower teeth protrude (“sticks out”)

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