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Precision Orthodontics is home to the specialised Orthodontic practice founded by Dr JJ van den Berg. Our practice is conveniently situated in Hurlingham, Sandton on the corner of William Nicol and Peter Place.

The practice is specialised to properly straighten teeth and correct improper bites using your own natural teeth together with plates, braces, aligners or other appliances.

The benefits of having your teeth aligned and your bite corrected are numerous, and this will give you a humble confidence that will set you up for success in life.

Our Services

Latest Cases

  • Case 1
  • Case 2
  • Case 3
  • Class II Division 1 Malocclusion (underdeveloped lower jaw)
  • Unilateral Posterior Cross-bite
  • Excessive Overjet
  • Severe Deep Bite
  • Dental Class II (teeth don’t fit together)
  • Upper incisors are proclined
  • Lower incisors are retroclined
  • 1st Phase Interceptive Treatment:
    • Rapid Maxillary Expansion Appliance
  • 2nd Phase Comprehensive Treatment:
    • Fixed Appliance Therapy (traditional braces)
    • Retractor Orthopaedic Appliance
    • Elastic Therapy
    • Retention Programme
  • Skeletal Class III relationship (Jaw malalignment)
  • Crowded incisors with lingually blocked out lower incisor
  • Clenching habit
  • Wear facets
  • Upper incisors are proclined and protrusive
  • Multiband Fixed Appliance Treatment (Clear Braces)
  • Disking
  • Retention Programme
  • Severe Skeletal Class II Relationship (lower jaw retrusive)
  • Large overjet
  • Deep overbite
  • Significant crowding of teeth
  • Cross-bite of molar teeth
  • Combined surgical-orthodontic treatment
  • Multiband Fixed Appliance Therapy
  • Reset of lower jaw (advance) -Mandibular Advancement Osteotomy
  • Elastic Therapy

We use sound diagnostic principles and the very best of materials to ensure that we have the best chance to achieve excellent results that are stable for life.

We endeavour to make treatment affordable to all patients, offering interest free payment plans and significant discounts on full up-front payments.

We are conveniently situated in Hurlingham, Sandton on the corner of William Nicol and Peter Place. We welcome you to contact us for an orthodontic assessment.

More About the Practice

Our constant commitment to excellence is a habit and a daily practice

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    Please note that we have relocated to 15 Peter Place, Bryanston.

    Our telephone numbers will remain the same.